my yoyo stops spining quickly

I bought this yoyo:
about 9 months ago.

back then it slept for a long time, but now it doesn’t.
If I preform a simle string trick it stops spinning quickly.

I guess this has something to do with my bearing wearing out…
Is there something I can do, or must I buy new parts for my yoyo?

Clean and lube the bearing.

Use mineral spirits for a cleaning solvent and use some sort of thin oil for lube.


You probably have something (like dirt) stuck in your bearing. Clean it like Jonas said. Lube it if you have Thin Lube, but if you don’t, don’t worry about it to much.

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I will try that out.

Also, my yoyo is much more responsive than it was at first… will that be fixed by cleaning and lubing the bearing also?

Yes, Thin lube will make it more un-responsive.
It is found here:


one more question - if I don’t have a lube special for yoyos, is there a substitute or is it best that I wait for getting one that is ment to be used with yoyos?

singer oil maybe?

or you can just not to lube it …which is more unresponsive

but that may hurt the bearing… right?

Eventually yes. But if you don’t have lube for a little bit and play with it dry, it will be fine.

great, 10X allot :slight_smile:

did you get any water on it? it might be rusty :-[

trumpet valve oil or just valve oil. it works great. what i have is al cass FAST valve slide and key oil.
I got it at sam ash. You can get it at any music store

I didn’t get water on it :slight_smile:

10x! I will look that up

another question:
is turpentine ok for cleaning the bearing?

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Turpentine will work but its nasty stuff. Meaning the fumes are terrible for you. If you have lighter fluid it would be WAY better for you to do that. Also you can find all kinds of “thin” lube like others have said. Go to music stores and get trumpet valve oil and ask for the thinnest they have. Or you can get some remington gun oil. Its perfect too. It takes a VERY little amount so don’t over do it. I would say less than half a drop. That is a little much for most people but if your shields are still on the bearing then most of that won’t even make it into the bearing.

Just put about half a drop to a drop on the side of the bearing after taking it out and setting it on something where you won’t loose it. Then add the lube to the shield. Let it sit for about 30 sec to a min then wipe off the excess with a paper towel.

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