Help with my YYF Grind Machine


Hello. I’ve got my GM at friday of this week. Yesterday I thougt that I should lube it and ı lubed my bearing. Problem is I dropped 2 drops to each side and when I jump my yoyo high (like training for Ninja Vanish) it comes back to my hand. I tried another bearing without lube (maybe it was dry) and it was dead unresponsive. But it did it when string went to the space and filled it, it came back to my hand.

This looks like that ı should play with my yoyo and break in both response pads and bearing. If it isn’t the solution, can you tell me what should I do for solving this problem?


Clean your bearing. You should use as little lube as possible. Most people dip a pin into a bottle of lube, then touch one or two balls inside of the bearing.


The question is “Why did you feel the need to lube it?”
Also, what kind of lube did you use?

2 drops is a LOT of lube. With lube, you’ll find less is more. Normally, if lubing a bearing with the shields on, a half drop is a LOT of lube, most of which will end up staying on the shield but a tiny bit will seep around and get to the balls inside.

When lubing with the shields out, the needle-dip method is more than sufficient.

For now, your choices are:
Play until that lube breaks down(It’s gonna take a while, maybe several days or more of heavy playing) or clean the bearing and lube using the needle-dip method.

If you choose to clean your bearing, people recommend mineral spirits(paint thinner), acetone(pure, not nail removing acetone) or lighter fluid. Place solvent in a safe container, shake, soak, remove, spin dry. I recommend acetone as for me I get the best results. You will need to remove your shields.