Lube Problems

Ok. So I got some thin lube yesterday , and today i put some on. But, all it did was slow down the bearing and make it more responisve. :frowning: I would Like any tips on how to fix this. Thanks!

How much did you put in?

You can clean your bearing to remove the lube.

One Drop on each side of the Bearing

That might be the problem. Next time, you should put a drop onto a needle and then touch the needle to a ball in the bearing. It may seem like you’re not even putting anything on, but that will do the trick.

Now, you can just play with it responsive for some time and wait for the lube to wear out or you can clean your bearing.

Refer to this thread for cleaning:

My method is to clean it then I just add a drop with a needle and add until I like the feel. This way you add a little.

You over lubed it. Kim-Lan is right. Only a drop of thin lube on a needle will do it. De-shield the bearing, clean it( only if you have too), then but a drop ona needle and put it in the bearing. Spin it around and it should be fine!


Best solution is just to play it until it breaks in a bit. Give it a day or two of solid play and it should be less responsive.

All the deshielding and pin drop business is too much trouble, imo. I just squeeze a drop onto the shield and spin the bearing a bit. :wink:

Thats how Andre does it :stuck_out_tongue:

This. ^

You can clean it and carefully lube it if you want, don’t feel like you shouldn’t. Just understand that a few hours of steady throwing will probably put things well on the course to a broken-in bearing. You might just want to go that route, especially if you’re new to bearing cleaning.

Yeah, you over-lubed it, but so what? :wink:


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