Lube Problems

Ok. So I got some thin lube yesterday , and today i put some on. But, all it did was slow down the bearing and make it more responisve. Sad I would Like any tips on how to fix this. Thanks!

Clean your bearing using something like nail polish remover. To do this take the bearing shields off and let the bearing soak a little (like 10 min) in the solution. Then let it dry.

Either run the bearing dry or use 1 SMALL, drop of lube.

IMO, less lube the better. Never more than One Drop.

Hope this helps, there are plenty of threads discussing, in-depth, how to clean and lube bearings.

Hi, I would get some starter fluid or like the starter fluid you would use on like a charcoal grill, then pour enough fluid to cover the top of the yo-yo and let the bearing sit in it for like 20 to 30 minuets, then let it dry until completely dry, then add about one to two drops into the bearing. That should work, just do a couple gyroscopic flops to work the lube in, or just do some tricks for a while, then it should be really smooth, that’s how it usually works for me.

Did that end up fixing the problem?

Ehhh cig lighter fluid, as in Ronsonol is better.