Yoyojam Thin Lube HELP


I cleaned my bearings, after that I put in 2-3 drops of yyj thin lube, the bearings are now super responsive and don’t spin completely freely. Help tips??? Help, ASAP


It sounds like you just used wayyyyy too much lube. if you take a needle point and lube the point and then touch it to a few of the balls in the bearing that should be all you need. You might want to just clean it out again and use less lube.


Actually, jut a single small drop will do. W/thin lube the needle point bit is a bit overkill.


Haha I must just have a strong dropper. The first time I cleaned my bearings I just did a drop and my yoyo was responsive for days. After reading around a bit I found the needle point suggestions and thats what I use now because the break in time for me has been really quick. A few long sleepers and its back to playing like I want.To each their own I guess. I’ve been curious about that dry compound terrapin bearing I’ve heard about. Might have to look into that and say forget the liquid lube!


So just a tiny drop after cleaning them?


Don’t even use a dropper. 1 drop from a dropper is way too much. Try and get an applicator that will let you use about half a drop. Maybe a tiny brush?


Navy, should I touch a few balls with the needle on both sides or one?


I agree. I’ve done the needle point thing and thought, “yeah, might as well be running dry”. If you’re someone who lubes their bearing, don’t be afraid to put some lube in there! A single drop doesn’t take long to break in.

If you really find that a single drop is too much, I had success with a needle, but I applied a drop of oil to the needle fairly far up, let it collect into a smaller drop near the point (but still a visible drop!) and then applied it. Two of those quantity-limited drops and I didn’t find the bearings suddenly responsive or anything.

But I also didn’t get a real benefit vs just shoving a single normal drop of lube in there. :wink:


If a drop is too much, use compressed air to blow it off. That’s what I do with brain lube. Works just fine. Should be even better w/thin lube.


Clean it out again and start over.

This time, dip a pin or needle in the lube, then touch that to 2 balls in the bearing. Spin for a minute, repeat the dip/touch lube method if desired and spin if you repeat. Re-shield the bearing if desired.

That should do you for about a month or so. After that, if you have your bearing unshielded, repeat the dip/touch lube method. If you are replacing your shields, then a half drop or less of lube will do it for you.


Too many choices!!! Ugh hmm


Should I touch a few balls on both sides?



Don’t be so precious about it. It’s just lube. Even if you screw it up it’ll be fine over time with some extra break-in playing.

The most “thorough” approach is Studio42’s. If you like the sound of it, just do it.

The end goal is to have some lube between the balls and the outer race, and the balls and the inner race. Touching lube to a few balls here and there will ultimately distribute it to these areas, so you don’t have to be a surgeon.

I’ve used the approach Studio42 (and many others!) use, and it works great. I’ve also thrown a normal old drop of thin lube directly from the bottle into the bearing, and it worked for me, too. In the end, you’re obsessing over something that you needn’t worry so much about. :wink:


yep. studio24 has the bestz answer for ya.

If u r not sure about that method, try to drop half a drop on your not shielded bearing. make sure that it is thin lube. drop it on the balls, u may put back the shields if u want to. then try spinning your yoyo with ur newly lubed bearing. it may break in in a day or 2, if using dip method it only take some minutes :slight_smile:

gud luck ! everyone has their first time so no worries


I just drop in a few drops of it my self. I can handle a yoyo with a really small amount of response for a few hours of play. helps with the smoothness, and makes the bearings run better in the long run. The needle point thing is too ocd for me. Also I don’t like to mess with my yoyos much, so this way I only deal with them around 2 times a year. Sometimes a bit more some a bit less often.


First off it’s not my “first time” I spent 5 bucks on lube and I dont WANa ruin my $10 bearings… Soooo


Pretty sure people are only trying to help.

You cannot ruin your bearing with lube. If it makes it responsive because of putting too much, you can either break it in (it’ll happen eventually, no matter how much lube… your patience might wear thin, though!) or clean it and start over. If you don’t have appropriate solvents for cleaning a yoyo bearing, that could be a pain in the butt while you obtain some, but the bearing won’t be ruined.

If you haven’t gotten that far yet, any of the advice so far is fine. If you’re not flooding the bearing with lube, it won’t take super long to break it in. Put a drop from the bottle, or use the technique Studio42 mentions.

Just go ahead and try an option! You’re sweating it too much! Give’er a given’er!


I’m recleaning them now. I meant by I dot wana ruin my bearing was the wrong thing I meant I don’t wana waste lube. Anyways I’m going with the pin needle


THaNK u all!!