How much thin lube?

So I FINALLY ordered some thin lube the other day and I want to know, do I put a drop in and just play with it? Or do I do the whole needle thing?

LOL, I use my thin lube all the time, and got it when I started yoyoing, and I only used a quarter of it up. So I usually use two drops, and it’s fine. So I would use 2 drops.

I use the needlle method and put in one or two drops depending on how big the drops are. If I try using it without the needle then I always overlube.

If you are cleaning the bearing before you lube it then I use the needle method but I drop a little on 4 of the 8 balls or 5 of the 10 balls. 1/2 you could say. lol If it’s a bearing with factory thick lube in it I usually only drop one drop in it. then yoyo like a mad man.

I don’t mean to jack the post or anything… But what is exactly the needle method?

take a needle, put a drop of thin lube on the needle, or squeeze a little bit out, and touch the needle to the drop to break surface tension. There should be a tiny drop of thin lube on the tip of the needle, around the size of a ballpen’s ball…

you could put a small drop on it and start playin with it.

I still 2 drops is always good.