Proper Lube's for Unresponsive Bearings?

What lube’s can i use ? can i use Johnson’s Baby Oil thanks for the replies?

No please don’t use that. There are many things you can use. Valve oil for trumpets, sewing machine oil, Gun oil or Yo-YoJam Thin lube.

how about cooking oil ?? i cleaned my bearing last week and now i need to clean it again i didnt use any lube last week

I really don’t think you should do that, I agree with icthus. if you want to clean your bearing you could use a mineral spirit

After a while cooking oil breaks down and gets sticky. So you would probably be better off with the other stuff.

i use my mineral spirits for cleaning … but i dont have any lube right now should i let it dry and play?

Your insane.

You have to make sure it is completely dry so that the mineral spirits don’t eat up the plastic and stuff.

One of the previously mentioned oils should be easy enough to find. Just maybe not around the house.

i used vaseline and it became silent perfect :smiley:

Vaseline is pretty much guaranteed to make your bearing responsive. Valve oil is great and you can get it at pretty much every single musicstore.

I just tried gun oil and it seems louder. But that is probably just me.

gun oil is just fine. It may have gotten rid of some of the gunk lube some factory bearings have in them.

Another great product I found out to work perfectly well is believe it or not Neosporin or any antibiotic gel type deal

I would imagine baby oil would work but you might want to try something much simpler first I used for the first time about a week or two ago triple antibiotic gel aka Neosporin and it works like a charm

Neosporin or triple antibiotic gel. That will work…and does work I literally just put it on my bearing 2 seconds ago then using it for a while now

@Kingblood - we do have an edit function with which you can add subsequent thoughts to an existing post, particularly if they’re within a few minutes of each other. It might also preclude making essentially the same comment two to three times as in the case of neosporin. One comment could effectively cover them all… :upside_down_face:

The funny part about this is that neosporin is easily 10 times the price of yoyo lube. Id also imagine that it makes your yoyo responsive, though resistant to germs.

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Dark matter yoyo bearing lube is 8 bucks at billybobs… A tube of Neosporin ointment is four bucks…please “eternalmetal” explain what math you came to and used that would imply that Neosporin is somehow more expensive than yo-yo lube…lol right

Lol, continue to spread expensive otc antibiotics into your yoyos. A bottle of thin lube will last you for life.

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For life? Look at the size of the bottle… Like come on man think a little