standard yyj bearing

(Ryan P) #1

how long would a yyj bearings life last if i play it dry? will it make a big difference life wise if i clean it regularly??


Well, it could probably last a couple of months, but chances are it will lock up even if you re-clean it. I do know people who play then dry and havent had then lock up, so I guess it depends how much you play the yoyo. How much do you play this particular yoyo?

(Ryan P) #3

thanks for replying! Well anyways my dm is coming without lube, and i doubt that i’ll be buying stuff online anytime soon. Will it last any longer if i clean the bearing with mineral spirits without lube? Oh and usually I yoyo like 1-3 hours a day.

(_|@<06) #4

i got a yoyojam speedmaker a while ago, im wondering would it work ok if i used spray silicone for my bearing? ??? because thats what i always did on my fireball. Im just not sure whether the silicone will do anything to the ceclon plastic or something


Uh…no. I don’t think you should spray anything, especially silicone, into your bearing. I recommend getting some thin lube or other alternatives (which I’m sure you can easily find through a search).

(SteveYoYos (Steven)) #6

All i got to say is, the best thing to use is Thin or Thick Lube (which ever you want)

it’s made for yo-yoing and you don’t have to worry about anything. Only over lubing it making the bearing responsive.

You could try Trumpet Valve Oil also!


(Ryan P) #7

I didn’t know you could use trumpet valve oil! Thanks, that helped alot!!!

(Mark) #8

And when your DM comes in the mail, it usually comes with some thick lube on the bearing.


Actually no. The bearings come cleaned on metal rimmed yoyos.


Actually no, I bought a hitman and the bearing didn’t come cleaned so I had to break it in. Also a friend of mine ordered a metal rimmed yyj and the bearing didn’t come cleaned.

(Mark) #11

What about plastics?