Bearing Lube

What bearing lube do you guys use? and does it really make a difference? (as long as its thin lube)

Looking for the cheapest best option.

I use yyj thin lube. The little bottle is $5 and will last you into retirement…

I use YYF thin lube right now

V4M most of the time.

Or Gorillus Lubricus by MFD if you have the patience or a jig to break it in. Makes the bearing quieter and smoother but man… long break-in period. I use it only when I want to set up a “play while watching TV with my wife” bearing.

THinking of making a jig for break-in, though. That’ll be cool.

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Hope the op wasn’t looking for a consensus of opinion among us! Lol we’re all over the place!

There isn’t much difference between lubes though. I would advise to choose based on price and availability. If it’s thin lube for yoyos, you can’t go wrong.

This: Super Lube (Oil With PTFE). Costs about $2 at the hardware store.

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That looks kinda awesome.

I bought a tube of Yomega Brain Lube a few years ago. It was cheep, it works and it is in a convenient, easy to dispense tube.

If you want long spin time, try Terrapin X dry lube…
no viscosity, no drag.

I use sewing machine oil it’s very very thin which I like and you can get a large bottle for $5 and get about 3x the lube. I usually find it at craft stores (I mostly find it at michael’s and Jo Ann’s) and sometimes Walmart. And this stuff lasts forever I still haven’t gone though my first bottle and I have had it for about 1 1/2 years! Definitely worth it the price. That and because of the lube’s thinness it really does helps when you add just a little it quiets it down but still keeps it unresponsive it’s a big plus when I use it. That and with the little nozzle it has on it when you clean your Yoyo Bearing you can apply it right on the ball it’s that small for the nozzles.

thanks for all the help guys :slight_smile: I’m not sure what i’ll end up going with yet haha.

When is it good to lube a yo-yo? Most yo-yos come with lube already right? Also, do unresponsive yo-yos need lube?

Not quite the right section but ill answer anyways. It’s good to lube an unresponsive bearing when ur bearing gets loud but only a tiny drop from the tip of a pin.

Most bearings come lubed yes.

I think the majority of high-end yoyos and premium bearings actually come dry. Not the vast majority, but over half anyhow. No, I have not collected the actual statistics. :smiley:

I personally like a small drop like jbritter describes. But you can run dry if you don’t mind the rattly noise they make. Some people even prefer that noise.

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the ctx comes lubed I believe, you’re probably right on that. and yeah I run dry if I can but if its too loud I just have to lube it lol

CTX is DEFINITELY pre-lubed.

On my Yeti, I gave up on breaking it in and cleaned it. On my Puffin 2, it is almost broken in after 15 minutes of play. I’m sure there’s no science at the factory to exactly how much lube ends up in the bearing… suffice it to say, some seem easy to break in and some don’t. :smiley:

I use Yomega Brain lube and like it.

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thanks for the info. How can I tell if my yo-yo is “breaking in” or if it actually just didn’t have any lube and I need to put it on. My Benchmark O which I just started using today and it was really quiet but it just suddenly became really loud now.

Since its newer the really loud is probably it breaking in. After some time it should quiet down but may still be louder than u want. Then add a tiny tiny bit of lube.

10-balls notoriously get screechy for a little while when they’re new. Some people just “play through it” but I only play through the screeching for 10 minutes or less, then I clean the bearing and put a tiny amount of lube.