Help!Yoyo suddenly responsive!!!

Help me! My yoyo has suddenly become responsive and the bearing makes alot of noise!!! What do i do???

Did you clean the bearing?

I don’t know how…

got to “Modification and Maintenance” and click on the sticky “List of useful modifications” there you will see cleaning your bearing.

I dont have any yoyo lube. I have silicone, does that work?

Just add a few drops of lube and play it out. cleaning is just wasting time, unless you got glue, or wet silicone into the bearing some how.
Before you add the lube pull the shields, if you decide to put them back wait till the bearing is acting normal again. :wink:
No silicone will not work to lube a bearing. There are lots of alternatives to thin lube you can buy locally. :wink:

Such as???

no it’s not! I had a responsive yoyo and I cleaned the bearing and it became completely unresponsive!

So silicone works???

no it doesn’t! Silicone is a response system.

What can i use, I want to play with my yoyo!!!

I know this is counterintuitive, but play with your yoyo. This will break the bearing in. If you don’t want to do that, then just switch out the bearing for an old one that is already broken in.

The fastest way to get your bearing back to norm, is to clean it. if you dont have any lube thats fine, just dont lube it. i play a couple of my bearings clean.

or dirt. or salt. or any other random gritty substance. or any substance that should not be in a bearing

Naw you don’t need solvents to get grit out, in fact if you don’t have shields on a few throws will likely spit out what ever is in there. Glue and silicone that went into the bearing wet will need a cleaning.
You can buy gun barrel oil, or trumpet valve oil. They are very similar to thin lube.
Cleaning will do it, but the only people I know that have consistent problems with their bearings use solvents to clean them.
Literally everyone I know that doesn’t use solvents to clean and just re-lube when the bearing gets loud have no problems.

O.K. you just clean the bearing! Silicone is a type of material that goes in to a silicone groove for a response system. One of the worst things to do is put silicone into a bearing.

If you don`t have thin lube, use trumpet lube, sewing machine oil or valve oil. Those are substitutes.

And just clean the bearing. If you don`t know how, there are many guides on youtube.

One of the best guides:

You dont have to lube, but lube will keep your bearing from wearing out too fast and itll silent your bearing. Sometimes it can smoothen up your yoyo.
Dry bearings are fine, but if you break in a lubed bearing, it`ll play just like a dry bearing.

Cleaning a bearing just gets all the lube and dirt.
You can break in a lubed bearing faster by doing Gyro Flops.