Pgm responsive.

Hey guys I recently siliconed my yoyo and i did a pretty bad job on it, getting silicone every where. I cleaned it out and when i do a tug it comes back up to my hand. Does any one know how to fix this?

Completely tear out all of the silicone and then re do the silicone better.

Really the only solution.

I re-siliconed the yoyo in a better way but still responsive. :-[

Did you use a credit card (or similar object) to smooth out the silicone after you put it in the recess? that is arguably the most important part of the process. It has to be seriously smooth.

Check the bearing seat for small pieces (I mean small) and just wipe it with a wet cloth just in case. You should also try cleaning the bearing incase some sillicon did get in it or ifsomething else got in it making the problem unrelated to the silicon.

I don’t think it has something to do with the response. Clean the bearing. Silicone might’ve gone into your bearing, and cleaning the bearing dissolves it out.

Break the bearing in, play with it for a few days.

There is no silicone in the bearing, bearing seat and it is really smooth. I cleaned the bearing played it for a week but still responsive. :-\

Did you lube the bearing? Maybe you put too much so it might take a little longer too brake in.

Is the silicon flush with the wall? If not this could be your problem. Post some pics if you aren’t sure.

I’d check the bearing and bearing seat. About 99% of a yoyo being responsive is due to the bearing, all else being equal.

The Silicone is pretty good i used a gutair pick when smoothing it out and no i did not lube the bearing heavily mabey 2 small drops

Two small drops is a lot. Seriously.

Next time, dip a pin into the bottle, and then touch the pin to a ball on the inside of the bearing (you will have to remove the shields on the bearing). Then test the bearing. Repeat until the bearing plays smoother and quieter.

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Yeah, 2 drops is a bit too much.

2 drops!! Dude that’s 5 times as much as you should! Only use 1/3 of a drop of lube.

To do that, dip a needle onto a drop of of lube. Then tilt down the needle until you see a needle head sized drop of lube on the tip. Put that on one of the balls of the bearing. Flick a few times, plug and play.

I thought your sposed to drop one small drop like they tell you in the yoyoexpert video and the yoyofactory one video, then i must of over lubed my other bearing then :-*

Some of the maintenance videos are pretty out of date.

The basic concepts are all the same. The trick is in what you call a drop or a small amount. That is in the eye of the beholder.

So putting more thin lube over thick lube will make the yo-yo unresponsive?