Dv888 super responsive

My bearing sounds kinda crunchy if you know what i mean. Ive been gyro flopping for forever and its getting worse. its so responsive I cant do a hand grind or slacks without it coming back to my hand. It’s like “I feel like being irritating so im gonna be mega responsive.” i’ve never had this big a problem with any bearing before. and no I have not lubed it.

Put mineral spirits in a glass jar, place bearing in said spirits. Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds. Remove bearing. Blow compressed air into bearing getting all spirits out. Drop a tiny drop of thin lube or sewing machine oil or trombone oil (about the size of a pin head) into the bearing. Voila.

i have the same excatly situation. my yoyo is responsive. i cleaned the bearing, lubed it, and did everything.
the only possibilty is that i siliconed it too.but i already reccesed the silicone VERY deep but it is still very responsive. i cant always do thumbgrinds. the yoyo i am talking about is my legacy.

How much did you lube it after you cleaned it? For unresponsive you need very little lube.
When you sili’d it did you get any in the bearing seat?
Take it apart and spin the bearing on a pencil tip. How long does it spin?

It’s not crunchy any more but the lube isnt gone yet. we will see…