I just siliconed my POPStar and cleaned the bearing. It is the first time I ever siliconed a yoyo, but i followed a video guide. I just tested it, after I let it dry. It is tug responsive now, and I don’t know why. Please help!

Break the silicone in, then itll be unresponsive. you break it in by playing with it. in the meanwhile, work on getting smoother so responsive doesnt bother much.

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Check the bearing seat. There might still be some silicone residue or bits stuck. Silicone won’t make a yoyo tug responsive unless it’s pouring out of the groove.

But if the silicone is flush with the recess, it can be more responsive than might be desired.

I just siliconed my Sharp(finally got it back). It’s flush with the groove for now. I also have some Denim I bought to rub down the soda blasting on some Agape’s I got. I could use those to wear down the fresh silicone as well.

If the yoyo is tug responsive though, how hard are you tugging? Could be something with the bearing. Did you remove the bearing first?(can’t begin to say how many people don’t do that)

Not tug responsive. Might snag a bit. I always make my silicone flush with the recess. Haven’t had any problems.

yes i did remove the bearing. what would you guys suggest using to get residue out of the bearing seat? i got out as much as i could, but idk if theres any left. and i am tugging harder than you would need to with a regular responsive yoyo. however, the only yoyo that has ever dane that to me before is my Mighty Flea on a wobbly throw.

It could be very mall so you can barely see it.

I’ve heard people have used denatured alcohol to remove the stuff inside the bearing seat. Toothpicks, pins and needles have also been used as well.