Responsive Legacy

My YYJ Legacy has been very responsive for the past month. I know the problem and I justcan’t fix it. It’s the silicone making it TUG-responsive and it is very annoying since the disability of tricks. Like I used Permatex Blue Gasket Maker silicone. It should be ok but after putting it in the yoyo, it is tug responsive. I recessed it with a scissor tip, and I tell you, it is DEEPLY reccesed. Still, tug responisve. The bearing and other parts are ok but it’s the silicone thats the problem. Help.

Big thank you to any who tends to help me.

Have you tried cleaning the bearing? As far as I know, Legacy bearings should come dry, but you might have accidentally gotten some silicone in the bearing. That’s happened to me a few times.

I’m not sure, the bearing flick spins 3 seconds. Like 1 missisipi, 2 missisipi, 3 missisipi, stop. Is there anything to help my silicone? Am I supposed to recces it that deep?

You may have gotten silicone in the bearing seat. Give it a close inspection and scrape it out with a fingernail, pencil, etc. If you can, try a different bearing in it and see if that helps.

I am SURE now, its the silicone. Everybody seems to silicone their yoyo again and again, impressed with results. Now, I silicone it but it is totally opposite. Like c;mon, other people silicone it and it’s ok, and when I try to silicone my perfectly, it turns the other way. I like my Legacy and it has got problems…probably there isn’t any other solution but what I really wanted to know is: Did I silicone it right?

First, I squeeze silicone on the groove and spread it out with a toothpick. I check for air bubbles and there are none.
Then, I silicone it with a scissor tip which is very curved giving a DEEP recces.
I scrape of every speck of dust and silicone of the yoyo except for the groove. I siliconed both sides
I let it dry for total 24 hours.
There is nothing wrong with the bearing or seat. Please help. If you can heal my yoyo, I will tag you along the whole day pressing the thank you button. HELP!
Also, another important question, what is flush silicone?

Flush silicone is when the silicone is even with the surface of the shell.

Wait, will flush silicone make the yoyo unresponsive? Cause the silicone I have now is very depply reccesed so there is a curve to it. If I change it to flush will it help?


I have never silied a yo-yo, but I thought you had to break it in first.

Could be wrong though. Oh and I also thought I read that the blue RTV was more responsive than flow-able.

If I may it sounds like your bearing has a little tiny hiccup in it. It has a good spin, but it sounds like it might still be wraping the string on small tugs. If it does silicone will snag that excess string like BOOM! So if your strapped for ideas I’d say give your bearing a good cleaning, with the smallest pin head head amount of thin lube. See if it improves anything.

O.K. I’ll try that.