flowable silicone

hey, so i siliconed my psg to give it’s response was wearing down, and i was wondering, if you miss a little bit of the silicone when you scrape the excess of will it make it responsive, because ive been working at it for a while, trieng to get all the excess off and i don’t see any more. what should i do? any tips? thanks

What should you do? Read what you’ve written before you hit Post.

So you siliconed a yoyo, and now you’re asking what you should do with it? I’d suggest letting it dry, then putting a bearing in it, and then do some tricks, but hey that’s just me.

ehhhh sorry for confusion haha, i ment that i siliconed it, let it dry, played with it, saw it was responsive, tried to get as much of the excess silicone out(that i missed before initally throwing it) and now its still responsive.

You might have gotten some silicone in the bearing. Try cleaning/swapping it.

Yeah, this happened to me my first few times siliconing. Newbie mistake. Just clean the bearing, it should be fine.

Who’s cranky now? :stuck_out_tongue:

you might also try rubbing the pad of your thumb all around the siliconed area. Might pick up something you couldn’t see, but yeah, I agree with them. the bearing is probably your best bet. Check your bearing seat to make sure there isn’t any silicon left there

Hahaha. Touché :stuck_out_tongue:

hey everyone,
so i resplaced the bearing and its still toatally responsive, any other suggestions?

Not the bearing, so then either the silicone is catching string too easily or there is some in the bearing seat dragging the bearing. In the first case rub any excess out as described or play it a lot to wear it down. In the second case take the bearing out and clean the bearing seat to get any bits of silicone that are hiding.

All Fresh Silicone Jobs Make The Yoyo Responsive Until It Wears Out A Little. Happens to me every time until it breaks in. ;D

QTF, and that’s why you develop a good silicone application technique. I like mine concave, done with a rounded piece of cardboard. I tried flat and hated to break it in, felt too long before I got that sweet spot.

Something like this: http://farm6.staticflickr.com/5261/5651333131_194519d8f8_z.jpg

Or, if you are using flowable, put in less or adjust by dipping in something like a toothpick to pull out just enough goop until it’s just under flush.

When doing the red non-flowable, I like to use the corner of a credit card (like the fake kind they send in the mail) to make it concave.

Thanks guys its working like a charm now :slight_smile: