Siliconing Response Help!

Hey I recently flowable siliconed three of my yoyo’s but now they are all responsive what do I do thanks

You tell us exactly what your steps were (spare no details!) so that we can help you not do it again; and then you probably start from scratch.

Most notable error: silicone in the bearing seat or even the bearing if you didn’t take it out first.

You need to wear the pads down a bit so that they grab less and become unresponsive again. Play with the yo-yos , binding and putting multiple strings in the gap. Alternatively you can grab like a sock or something and rub the response to wear it down too.

I’ve never had to wear them down when I’ve done it. Done right, the response should be flush or (even better, IMO) slightly recessed in the groove. It’ll be unresponsive from the first throw. Snappier on binds probably (unless you OVER recessed!), but not responsive.

Alright first I got the Versa Chem flowable response from this site then put some in a syringe I took out the old response out of the yoyo’s and the bearings then put the silicone in I smoothing it out with a flat piece of metal and let them dry for twenty four hours. the silicone did seem to stick up from the rest of the yoyo’s still though so that might be part of the problem. I cleaned the bearing just now to help it but it didn’t work.

I usually use a credit card to smooth out the fresh silicone before curing and I always end up with a slightly recessed response. Maybe the smooth piece of metal you used didn’t remove enough of the excess silicone?

When using the credit card, I hold it at about a 30° angle and turn the yo-yo without moving the card. Then after it’s cured, a quick cleanup around the bearing seat with a pencil eraser and it should be good to go.

Maybe you could try trimming yours flush with a razor blade. If that doesn’t work, I would remove the silicone and start fresh, but just do one yo-yo at a time until you get the technique down.

Cool Ill try that and if anyone has any more suggestions Id be very grateful