Urgent! Needs to be fixed tonight!


Alright this is complete last minute but I need your help.
Alright so tomorrow I have a talent show during school tomorrow and as obviously I am doing yoyos but I have a problem. The Yoyo I am performing with response got shot yesterday and now it’s really responsive cause of the groove of the silicone over filled. So how do I fix this tonight? I née it to be unresponsive and the Yoyo is completely grabby hellllppppp!!!’


You’ll just have to quickly redo the silicone right now. Won’t be fully cured by tomorrow afternoon but it should have dried enough to get you through a quick performance.

Alternatively, you could try shaving off the excess silicone with a hobby knife or a box cutter.



Or response pads… If you got them… This is why you just keep one pair. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lube are play with it later I throw it a lot until it’s not responsive. Maybe replace the silicone with actual silicone pads. Always have extra silicone pads in handy.


Trim it flush with a razor blade.


I can not offer any help with your problem but I do hope you find a solution and that you do well and have a good time tomorrow.


What makes that yoyo so special, what if you got a knot?


x2! try this and it should work. if not, peel it all out and pour new and hit it with a blow dryer on low from a little distance to try and get it to cure as much as possible.

good luck and keep us update if you find a solution. :wink:


Most useful post goes to this guy. Anyway, rarely does the response cause the yoyo to be responsive. I think some silicone may be stuck in the bearing seat. Try this, take a tooth pick, and run it around in the bearing seat to remove the silicone, then take a q-tip to remove the rest. Clean the bearing or pop in a new bearing. If that doesn’t make it unresponsive, rip out the silicone with a sharpened wooden dowel and re apply the silicone. You could always just use a different yoyo ya know :wink:


He said “sharpened wooden dowel”.


Thank you all sooo much I ended up having to redo one side but the other is fine after I put a knife to it thank you all very much I am hoping for the best today!!!


Glad you’ve found a solution. Have a blast on stage tomorrow!



Hey Abby,
How did it go then?


I have wondered the same thing… How did it go?


awesome the crowd was roaring after I kicked it off with a giant Texas cowboy and a few Eli hops. It was good I had compliments all week cause of it.


Glad for you :slight_smile:



I am happy it went so well for you.