Everything I siliconed is now super responsive.

Ok so I siliconed my

Lyn Fury
Dark Magic

And now there all super responsive, whats up with that? The silicone isnt perfectly flush but its not like its overflowing and bulging out of the recess. and they were all dead unresponsive BEFORE i siliconed them but now that i have siliconed them there all responsive.

How can I “fix” this?

NOTE: I just siliconed them last night and started playing them this morning.

Thanks Guys!

I had this problem before,
all I did was just keep playing my yoyo until it gets unresponsive but with tight binds, I think its like breaking-in the silicone.(to make the silicone evenly spreaded or something like that)
Once I played it for quite a while, it was good to go

Just in case, check the bearing seat cause there might be some silicone bit or any silicone residue, scratch it of with your nails or anything you could to scratch it


Alrighty, thanks. Its my first time siliconing by the way. I think I did an amazing job considering it was my first time. And there was no silicone residue in the bearing seat. :-[

thats good to hear, just try breaking in the silicone by playing your yoyos for quite a while.

I am thinking about what happened to me…

Scrape all the silicone on your bearing seat, then clean your bearing. That should make it unresponsive.

Just play with them until they get unresponsive. There’s really nothing more than that too it.

Addment: rule of the yoyo; break it in

Hows your Speedmaker playing siliconed? :slight_smile:

Well it did play awesome. But my silicone fell out 5 days after I applied it. But it was really woohoo when it was siliconed. But when I did put the O-ring back in place, I found out that O-rings play really nice. The O-ring is a great response IMO. Binds well, very customizable and long lasting. And siliconing the grooves works great and it’s not too hard either.

Addment: The choices you get with YYJ O-ring response…

I love that about YYJ’s. :slight_smile:

Play with it with really thick string. You have to wear down that silicone surface.

Yes - First, check all the bearings. Then, check the bearing seat. Then, make sure its flush. After that, break it in. Then break it in some more. Thats really the best advice I can give you.

Also, how long did you let it cure?

Over night. Not a full 24hrs. but probaly somewhere around 16hrs.