Help with my Lyn Fury.

Hey guys, I recently got a Lyn Fury and siliconed it and cleaned the bearing and it continues to be responsive. Have I done something wrong? Or is there something more I can do? Any and all feeback is appreciated. Thank you.

Make sure there is no traces of silicone in the bearing seat. It can rub on the bearing and make it responsive.

Also, make sure the bearing is cleaned well and there is no residue or silicone in or on it. If you place it on one half of the yo-yo and flick it, it should spin a while (at least a few seconds).

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Try putting some shims. The lyn fury’s gap is pretty small.

shims aren’t really necessary. All I did to get mine unresponsive was cut down the o rings so they were flush (siliconing it should work too) and clean the bearing.
Maybe just play it a bit. sometimes after I sili something, it’s responsive for a little until it gets worn in.

  1. Make sure the bearing seat area is very well cleaned.
  2. Give it a couple hours of plays. The silicone has to break in.
  3. If the silicone is not flush, you may have to re silicone it. Use a credit card to get it nice and flat.

Or a guitar pick. After I silicone my yoyo’s they require about a 10 min break in time. As a matter of interest what type of silicone are you using?

I use Blue RTV.

Silicone really shouldn’t make the yoyo responsive. Maybe snaggy, but never responsive. Chech the bearing seat if there is any silicone in there. That’s your problem.

Clean your bearing. Clean the bearing seat mentioned above. And I also agree with ^^^, response systems shouldn’t make your yoyo responsive, unless you have a mountain of silicone over the recess.