New Yo'Yo, New Problems

“Yo” People! :wink:

         I Just got my new Lyn Fury in the mail (in record time btw). It has a great feel, but it UNBELIEVABLY responsive. I'm having a really hard time even getting to the end of a trick before the throw loses its spin. Would someone be so kind as to either provide me a link within the site outlining how to clean a bearing, or explain how, or if there are other options to decrease responsiveness (other then a new bearing) that'd be awesome. 

                               Thanks All!

NvM, i found eet. thanks!

So, you’re cleaning the bearing and siliconing it? Congrats!

That’s what I did when I got my Lyn Fury. As soon as I got home from BAC, I pulled out the o-rings, cleaned the bearing, and siliconed it. My bearing was however slowly breaking in when I was messing with it during the day.

Heck, you did the best thing you could for that bearing: Break it in, and then clean it out.

I want to get another Lyn Fury to keep stock, but with a clean bearing. One will be “completely stock” and the other one I currently have is cleaned and siliconed. Different colors: easy to track! Cheap, reliable, great stuff.

hrm…silicone…that is something i dont have.

I just cleaned it out with compressed air, and ive been using RC Car Air Filter Oil for lube. Thats probably terrible, but its what i had sitting in front of me. :-[

Whats the process for siliconing?

This should help you.,22148.0.html

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