New Yo Yo/New Bearing?

Hey all

Ive been practicing like mad over the last few weeks and been having alot of fun. But ive come to a point were i feel like im being let down by my yo yo.

I have a Lyn Fury and im just not getting the spin time needed to complete the longer tricks, on my strongest sleeper im only getting about 30 seconds, 20 seconds of that the yo yo is actually useful. (for example i can only complete “The Matrix” once, maybe twice before the yo yo is dead.) Would i be better off buying a different yoyo or just a higher performance bearing, like a concave one?

I can bind moderately well, and dont mind practicing it.

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Well I have my Lyn Fury fight here at my computer. I just counted 8 times. I’ll try it again. 8 times. I think the best bet is to work on your throw. Also, Are you using the O-rings? You’ll get better results if you put in flowable silicone.

I’m not an expert, but the Twisted Trifecta bearing is very forgiving and all-round awesome.

ill def admit a huge part of it is my “newbieocity”, the only adjustment i made was to trim the standard o-rings down flush.

If you know how to bind, I would definantly recommend siliconing it. You can get some for pretty cheap at hardware or dollar stores. It might also help to clean out the bearing. I don’t think a new bearing would increase its preformance by too much.

Not to brag or anything, but I just got 12. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Keep on playing. You don’t need a new bearing/yoyo just yet. The short spin time is mostly due to the string rubbing on the yoyo body [“wall”]. The same reason why it tilts and spins out sometime.
While you’re learning tricks, try keeping the string away from the walls. It will come natural to you over time :]

Just rolled in from a gig so I’ll keep this short:

Clean your bearing.

Yank the o-rings and use flowable silicone.

Then work on your throw a bit.

I get over 2 minutes on my Lyn Fury. I’ve been playing it a lot recently.

Did you clean your bearing by using mineral spirits yet?

If you wanted a new yoyo you could try the dv888 its only 45$ and ive gotten like 5 mins off of it and its crazy smooth 8) :smiley:

The Lyn is a great yo. I doubt you need anything more than maybe a clean bearing, some response work. Ahhhh regarding the shaved rings, are they smooth, irregular, have little pieces flapping around?

The Lyn should spin forever with a good throw and that just takes practice.

not yet, its my next step. as of now ive only cleaned it using compressed air.

they’re smooth, but it sounds like i may be underestimating flowable silicone. :slight_smile:

I completely agree! :smiley:

I don’t throw that hard. I also go for flow on the matrix. You know, like dodging bullets.