About Lyn fury..

My lyn fury dosent relly spin that long, infact it only spins for like 30 seconds…

I havent done anything to it yet, but the strange thing is its completly silenced and if i take my
F.a.s.t 201 or the Velocity they say kinda much… and the spin time is longer on thees to?

  • can that be right, that is hould allready clear the bearing, i’b only used it for one afternoon?

Greatings Crazypants 8)

Play with it more, maybe the bearing needs some breaking in.

Yep, they will be quiet when you first get them. Just keep playing with it which will A) make you better because of more practice and B) make the yo-yo ‘better’ by breaking in the bearing.


thanks guys :wink: i can already fell its much more playable and fun to play! :smiley: