Lynn fury packing spin time

I have a Lynn fury that it is lacking spin time. It spins for abou 25-30 seconds. I have cleaned it many times using mineral spirits and taking off the shields and putting thin lube on the bearing. The spin time still hasnt improved after all of these cleanings. Any suggestions on how to make it spin longer? All input in greatly appreciated.

Title has typo: packing= lacking

2 things:

1: Clean the bearing. Then run it dry and see how you like it.

2: Silicone the response, as it will go unresponsive, but if you don’t clean the bearing first, that’s a waste of time and effort.

I would almost bet that the problem is on the other end of the string.
Do you have another lyn fury set up exactly the say that works a lot better?

You could be over lubing it.

Try putting the tip of a needle in some lube, then touch some of the bearings.

My dad had another Lynn fury that worked a lot better. But, he lost it. It had a much longer spin time than mine.

On all the bearings or on just a few?

Just a couple should do it. A little lube goes a LONG ways!

What response do you have in it? the stock orings or some pads, or silicone? Also was your dads stock with orings?
Did either one have shims widening the gap?

But this would assuming starting with a clean bearing in the first place or your idea just puts more lube in it.

Yes, that is how you do it.

I am sorry I forgot that.

Thank you. I must have been overlubing them.

I have stock orings. My dad’s yoyo Also had stock orings. Neither had shims widening the gap.

I think it could be possible that your preception has changed and it seems like it spins less.
But did you put the sheilds back on the bearing? Sometimes you can bend them or put them back in crooked.
I dis like the stock orings in these because of how they bind and throw so I never keep them in. I don’t have much suggestions about them for you. I put silicone in their place.

I always put the shields back in. Which way do they go in again though, because sometimes I wonder if I put them I backwards

The outter edge of the shield should be DOWN relative to the middle portion, which should be UP/OUT.

It’s hard to see.

A quik test for this would be take them out and see if that fix’s the problem.

I don’t quite understand what you are saying here.

Are you allow able to add a picture to this? I don’t quite understand what you mean by this.

Take the sheilds off the bearing, put the bearing back in the yoyo. See if that fix’s the problem. It will tell you if the sheilds are bent, or where put in wrong somehow. Sheilds are not a needed piece of a bearing so you can take them out and see if that fix’s your problem. :wink: