Unresponsive Lyn Fury

I already siliconed my lyn fury and I’ve been putting thin lube in the bearing for the last three days and it’s responsive so I just wanted to know if I should keep lubing the bearing, clean it, or just replace it. Thanks

Stop lubing it every day. That’s more than likely what’s making it responsive.

Oh ok thanks. I don’t remember where I read that but that must have been wrong.

Clean that bearing out. Very lightly lube. VERY LIGHT.

It should be pretty unresponsive after you silicone it. If not, you can shim it out a bit.

Shims help the lyn fury for sure. If its siliconed right and has a cleaned bearing it should be unresponsive. But the shims give it added gap size so you can put more layers of sting in the gap without any snags.