How can I modify my lyn fury???

I am brand new to yoyoing, just got a lyn fury a couple of days ago, And really have a passion to get good. I can do the brain twister, stop and go, and in the bucket, which are the best ones I can do, I want my lyn fury to sleep longer basically, and was just wondering what I could do to make that happen, and about how much it would cost.

Search “bearing cleaning” and “Flowable silicone, yoyo” on youtube. You will be amazed at the info you can find.

do that and just work on your throw

Thanks I will certainly check that out

Silicone it, put shims, shave the o-rings, get a better bearing ( KonKave, etc)

The stock bearing is perfectly fine. Honestly I prefer them.

Don’t shave the orings, silicone it instead.

Be careful with shims. The YYJ shims can be crushed.

The lyn fury´s gap is wide enough, you dont need shim.

The best thing you can do is to keep yoyoing. In time, your throw will have time to develop and get stronger and straighter. (A young quarterback doesn’t look to steroids after a few months of learning to be a quarterback, does he?)

Hey thanks a ton, I have certainly improved my throw already and will keep practicing, thanks to you all

well guys if he does all of those, it will be unresponsive. he didn’t say he could bind yet.

oh, sorry, i just kind of forgot that, but yes i can bind too