Mod Help?

How would I mod a Lyn Fury and a Grind Machine? I have no idea how to mod yo-yo’s

Well, first you have to decide what it is about the yoyo that you don’t like, and what is is you think it should do better. Then you can decide on a direction to go for modifying it and if what you think will improve it.

So, just what is it you don’t like about those yoyos? :wink:

They need to spin longer and become more un responsive.

Lyn Fury should only need silicone.

And the PGM shouldn’t need anything as long as there is silicone in it.


Ummm, I think that part is mostly up to you to provide. :wink:

Maybe clean the bearing. Nothing else other than a good throw is needed.

If what he wants is more spin and more unresponsive behavior, the the answer is free:

Practice your throw. Nothing else will help more than a good throw.

I won’t recommend against cleaning the bearing. I won’t recommend against using YYJ Thin Lube, YYF Performance Oil or One Drop VM4 lube in the bearing after being cleaned, but it may play a bit responsive afterwards and needs to be re-broken in. Outside of that, work on improving your throw is the best advice any of us can offer, and it’s true.

I still work on just making my throw better every day.


Anytime. :slight_smile: