Mod My New Lyn Fury?

I have been yoyoing for a couple months and picked up a Lyn Fury as my work/travel yoyo. I have have a Dark Magic 2 and a Battosai at the house so I am proficient with binding. I have been reading bunch of posts on how you should stick with a yoyo like the Lyn Fury and work on your skills before moving to the likes of an all metal and it will pay off in the strength of your throw and the smoothness of transitions.

When I bought the Lyn Fury I also got the YYJ speed bearing and was thinking of sili’ing it right off the bat. Now I am having second thoughts and wondering if I should just play with it stock and wanted to hear your thoughts. My main goal with this yoyo is to improve my skills, is there such thing as a game improvement yoyo like game improving clubs in golf…

Well, I think your right one the “sticking to the lyn fury to get better” part. You really dont have to stick with it you can move on to your dark magic or battosai, but playing with a lyn fury more will help you with your smoothness, transition, and throw too.

You should try to sili your lyn fury its ready and waiting with no need to further mod it to accept silicone, even better if you dont like it sili’d then take it out and put the orings back in and you have it how it came.

If there is anything wrong with my post please correct me.

I started out yoyoing with a Lyn Fury. Its a great throw. I played with it for about a 4 days and then decided to switch the o-rings with silicone, and i gotta say it was a good decision. Its still somewhat responsive, but a lot less than using it with the o-rings. Iv been able to go from complete beginner to intermediate-advance tricks in about 2 weeks.

Like mentioned above, if you dont like it with silicone, just put the o-rings back in.

Just because the LF is cheap doesn’t mean it can’t handle any trick you can throw at it. I cleaned my bearing and left it dry and RTV’d it, After about 5-10 minutes it was just as unresponsive as my all metals, AND I don’t have to worry about it smoking some concrete, it wont shatter like Polycarb, it will actually ding and scuff like a metal, only it is a $15 yoyo. Don’t shim it, the gap is wide enough for a completely unresponsive yoyo, EVEN when tightened all the way down. Pop out those O-rings, put some silicone in it, and clean your bearing, you wont regret it.

There is no doubt that the LF is a stout throw and the main reason that I got it was I knew that it could handle any trick out there. I mainly just needed something that I would feel too bad if it got destroyed or lost and it is pretty awesome that a 15$ yoyo can do all of that.

I forgot to mention that I did clean the bearing yesterday and put about a drop of thin lube in. It definitely sounds like ditching the oring in it is in the near future, there is a specific sound that it makes when it hits the orings where I can tell it is significantly slowing down.

Is there any advantage, from a skill development angle, to keeping it responsive?

Only in the fact that when you aren’t smooth with tricks on a responsive yoyo that you will learn by pain and frustration when it shoots back unexpectedly or dies out a bit faster. It is commonly believed that playing 1A responsively makes your tricks a lot smoother because you only use the necessary amount of force and your movements will be naturally more fluid.

after reading all the replies I feel like getting a Lyn fury.

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me too

I cant seem to get mine completely unresponsive =\ I got it siliconed and im using slick 6. Maybe i should switch to poly.

clean the bearing.

So I decided to silicone it last night and am still waiting for it to dry but I will post my opinions after I get some time with it. The thing that pushed me over the edge was that I didn’t like the feeling of the oring response system and it was loosing its responsiveness. It seemed very bite-y and it took up a huge portion of the gap.

Ley, when I first got this yoyo I cleaned the bearing and used a thin lube and everyday since then it was getting less and less responsive. To the point where yesterday it was basically like playing with an unresponsive yoyo that every once and a while would bite. I would highly suggest giving this a try.

To all those that are thinking of getting a Lyn Fury, just do it. Its definitely a good bang for the buck and it is a solid player with a bunch of different options on how to set it up.

Just want to give a quick update. After the sili job it is playing amazing, the exact feel I was looking for and trying to get away from in the oring. Just a solid great utility throw or main throw on a budget. I really like the speed bearing that I put in it as well. All in all a great yoyo and fit my needs perfectly. Thanks to everyone for the feedback and motivation.

I’m sold!!!

Glad to hear it :smiley:

I’m new to yoyoing and I ordered a Lyn Fury last night, what do you guys mean by sili’ing it? Or lubing it?

sili`ing is when you take of the o-rings of a lyn fury and put silicon on the “groove”(forgot the term) and lubing is when you put lube or oil on your bearing…

i personally love my lyn fury… it is my main throw… i have a dark magic I, a YYF BOSS, a CLYW BvM, but my first throw is the LF… specially now that im practicing 5a… and by the way takeshi matsura the worlds champion for 5a was using a lyn fury when he played after he had a signature yoyo… hehehehehe i bring my lyn fury every where i go… even in the line at the bank i throw my lyn and all the people are amazed and not frustrated of the long line… hehehehehe

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