Which to pick ???

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Okay so i have heard good things from the lyn fury and FHZ2
I want to try them both but i can only get one. Which is better,for play,
modding(like which is easier to mod),and something else( XD)?


I would suggest the lyn fury. It has o-rings which last for a very long time, and when your ready to play unresponsive you just silicone it. The FH2 uses pads that dont last for very long. I have the lyn fury and it plays really well, after siliconing it, the yoyo plays just as good as a yoyo double its price.


well, my favorite shape of yoyos is the FH2 shape i like it a lot

i dont really like Lyn furys i just hate o rings they make it too responsive although i have heard that you can shave them and it will be unresponsive, i have never tried it though


Siliconing the yoyo works better than shaving the orings to make it unresponsive.


silicone can make more of a mess if not done properly (me :()


I would personally go with the Lyn Fury because of the adjustable gap and the fact that rubber o-rings never need replacing.

On a side note, silicone in itself doesn’t make yoyos unresponsive. I silicone my yoyos for the simple fact that it makes them super responsive. However, having a fairly wide gap with flush silicone does tend to be unresponsive, depending on the condition of the bearing.


They are both really nice, but the O-Rings will last forever on the Lyn Fury, but the pads on the FH2 will wear off really quick. Another good choice would be a Die-Nasty, but it uses K-pads and will wear off eventually. I would go with the Lyn Fury, and when you want unresponsive just shave the o-rings. Hope this helped! ;D

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The lyn furry is better for you because it plays awesome while responsive and when you want it unresponsive, it is easier to mod then the fh0.

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Okay Lyn fury is the most recomended for me but,
How about some info on the freehand zero?
(Like b4 modding,play,etc)