Best YYJ Yoyo For Modding?


What kind of mods are you interested in doing?

Paint jobs, re shaping, siliconing.

Lyn Fury would probably be the go to yoyo. It’s thick plastic all over for easy reshaping, it’s durable as heck, has an o-ring response groove for easy siliconing, and it’s made of celcon, which is an excellent material for silicone (Silicone comes right out in a perfect ring when you want it to).

I don’t know how good celcon is for painting, but it’s great for dying.

agreed since it has a rounder surface it can be easier to reshape unlike somthing like the classic.

Would you guys recommend it for a first time mod?

Largely depends on what kind of mod you’re doing.

It’s cheap, which is good, because you’re inevitably going to mess up a serious mod you’ve never done before.

On less complicated mods, it’ll handle them just find. Satins, silicone, things of that nature.

Ok thanks :slight_smile:

Best modding yoyo? Easy FHZ, but since your picket and want to stick with YYJ then get a Lyn Fury like everyone els said.

and you wonder why you feel that everyone’s against you,…


Can someone link me to how to satin? I didn’t know my lyn fury was good for modding. I recently siliconed it too.

List of useful modification and maintenance guides

What sort of equipment are you using? Drill press? A plain old drill?

The fhz IS the best modding yoyo, there is absolutely no question about that.

For YYJ, the lyn is a good choice, as is a kickside.


The kickside is a chunk of plastic on a string…

Then you have a lot of areas to work on modding it. :wink:

Hmmm, a chunk eh? More like a “chunk” of plastic with a chunk of dice material. With some rubber response and a Ball bearing.

fhz are harder to finish because the plastic melts. (Unless u have a variable speed dial) the lyn fury is celcon so it kind of shaves off the plastic. Just from my experiences when reshaping them.