Yo-Yo to Start modding with

I want to start modding but I don’t know what yoyo to start modding with. I want it to be under 30$ and something you can do a ton of mods with them. Name the yoyo, the price and what mods you can do with it please.


FH0, $20, you can buy a Hubstack Upgrade kit, silicone it, satin it, and paint it.

My top 3 choices are the Lyn Fury, FHZ, and the F.A.S.T. 201 but I’m edging towards the F.A.S.T. 201!

what is satin? How do you do it?

Here’s a guide on satining it explains everything:

fast 201 for sure
it made me a great modder

Lyn fury, eazy modds, first sand off the molding marks, silicon, replace pogs with what ever you want. I did it and love it now, it is my wife’s yo and I still play with it when I can.

I own a fast 201 and it is a great yoyo to mod. It’s 9.99 You can add hubstacks, or add silicone stickers by drilling the inside the yoyo. Also, you can mod it to a Xela mod which is adding springs and silicone o rings. On youtube, it has shows the Xela mod but doesn’t explain it. Also, you can do to famous Top mod! This is also another mod that isnt explained on youtube( I can’t find it)

Silicone mod

Xela Mod

Top Mod