Most modding potential

I’m considering buying my first yoyo for the sole purpose of experimentation. Other than a few minor mods, I’m a “No0b” lol. My question is: Which yoyos have the most potential for mods? Which are your favorite to mess around with? At this point I’m seriously considering getting my first FH Zero but I’ve also heard of people modding Mosquitos, lyn furys, drifters dv888s, etc… I’m leaning more towards plastic due to the lower prices and ease of recessing vs metal. If I got the FH Zero I’d probably sili it, convert to hubstacks, sanding/ polishing, and maybe beefcake. This yoyo is going to be my “Frankenstein” haha. Also, I know that no yoyo is “better” than another to some extent so it goes without saying:) please no negative comments. Other than that, throw some ideas at me and see if you can persuade me in another direction!

Thank you kindly,

definitely go with a fhz.
so much you can do. high wall, beef cake, sili recess, make it a c size bearing, stack it, paint it, and probably more.

Another option thrown into the mix. I think I can have my friends metal drifter which I already have one of. I can use the extra bearing for beefcaking, extra shims for sanding down/ trial and error if need be. The I would still need the hubstack kit w/bearings and a longer axle from the hardware store then I’d have the beefcaking and stacking accomplished. I still don’t know if the recess is too shallow to silicone with or w/o the beefcake mod. Any thoughts?

stock, the recess is definitely too shallow to silicone. It’ll rip out in a couple of minutes.


Fhz, Fh2, pretty much most of the Duncan yoyos.

After some more research, I’m definitely getting the FHZ. For silicone recessing the FHZ while beefcaked, would it be better to silicone one side or both? And, are there any household items I can use to measure the right depth for the recess, or do auto parts and hardware stores sell these?