Anyone modding yyf one yet?

Due to the price tag of this throw I’m guessing it will lend nicely to modding. Has anyone started to find mods for the one that they like?

The one doesn’t really need much modding, its already a large bearing yoyo, and it has silicone recesses, and the nice finish like the northstar, where is grinds alright, but still not to well.

The only thing I could think of would be weight rings and satining

yeah, it’s not like a $10 duncan that needs a lot of modding to make it good. it’s unresponsive, sili recessed, and grinds okay. not much modding needs to be done.

i was going to attempt to make and irg for it but ive been too lazy

If I get ONE, I might satin it, but I don’t what you could really do to it.

Yes, Shmoove and highwall/reshape the little sucker :wink:

The left half is stock, the right is modded.

i could be wrong, but i think the one will be the “new” fhz, as it is cheap and moddable

hmmmmm, NA! :smiley:

The FHZ is too much of a blank canvas, so much can be done to it, and in my opinion it still plays better and smoother than the One…modded or stock.

Put on some custom caps, but this yoyo needs MORE WEIGHT!

i put hubstacks on it with this weird hubstack setup i had laying around if you take out the caps i put it where the axle was

^^^^ Pics of this Mod Trevoryos

i can confirm this. just stuck one of my pgm posts in it now the problem is finding tha axle and the other one

Not exactly a mod, but I put flowable silicone in my YYF last night. It will be ready to use tonight, and I’ll let you know how it plays.

Flowable report - Still completely unresponsive, but binds are a lot tighter. This made binding quite a bit easier, and I can actually do it consistently now! 1 hour of hard use, and still good.

i recently sold the yoyo that had the hubstacks on it originally

i want a modded one
that would be fun