can you mod a FH1 like a FH0?

Can you?
like hubstacks
sili recessed
satin finished
thumb grind weight rings

Can you?

No need for that.

If you’re good enough, yes.

Sorry,but what do you mean “if you’re good enough”?

Exactly what I said: if you are good enough.

If you have the skill and the tools, the amount of mods you can do are endless. Satin finishing will be the easiest to do out of those, though.

Can you hubstack them?

  1. You can get the mod kit.

  2. You can make your own hub posts and add on the hubs.

But 2 you will need awesome modding skills. ( Like me!!!)

My friend just got a FH yesterday and its super responsive. I’m not familiar with the yoyo so is there anything other than the pads or bearing that could be causing it or is it supposed to be like that?

Remove one of the pads, or change both of them completely, and break in the bearing. I suggest using one pad in them though.

also, would it be wise to beefcake it? can you beefcake it?

Yes, you can beefcake it, but the gap would be huge…