best duncan yoyo?

what is better ???

Modded FH0

yea im gettin a fh0 tonoght ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

i just made a mini yoyo lol

Lol, yeah, I saw the post.
Also, do you know how to bind?

modded Freehand Zero

i know how to bind why?

Cause your FH0 wont be as good until you silicone recess it.

silcone relsse it?

Okay then. Also, no need for a triple post.

duncan pads play really nice in fhz when you wear them in.

lol squirrel, are you trying to conquer this whole forum with your posts ???
you have like 30 posts in less than a day or 2 ???

Lol, i noticed that as well. But I am the person with the most posts.

You guys arent getting past me!

Have Fun Throwing,

Yeah, Samad ;D No one will catch up to you! What do you mean by modded fh0 I mean I know what it means to mod a yoyo but what type of mods would you do to it?

Satining and silicone recessing it would be good, I think.

Yeah, those are the premiere mods to FH0’s, not to mention cleaning the bearing also.

hahaha 8)


Samad is correct and to be exact it is the takeshi modified freehand zero in my opinion, the dual flush mounted fiction stickers are replaced with a single solid silicone pad on a recessed area, and not to forget the 4 color plastic makes it look like a different color from every angle… Oh yeah and Samad does and probobly always will have the most posts on this forum…

I chose yyj speeder, it’s not duncan but i like it better than all duncans so… yea.