Why do people like Freehand Zero so much?

I got one and I find it to spin very little and I find it very hard to do 5a with because it stops spinning quickly and anytime the string goes in the gap it whips back at me… Best way to get it unresponsive without any real modding?

I asked the same question a while back. Some people love stock ones, but a siliconed one with a cleaned bearing plays beautifully. There are endless possibilities of what you can do to one of these. FHZs aren’t my favorite, but they are pretty close. Get a modded one and you should see why people love them so much.

Without any mods use one pad and just wear it out and it should play pretty nice.

I like it because even with the fact of personal preference, there is almost always a mod that can be done to it so anyone will like it.

You can take one friction sticker off, and play it like that. One of my favorite set-ups. If you’re willing to buy new pads, get 2 chaz pads or one K-pad.

I really enjoy how they play stock. Just put a drop of thin viscosity lube in the bearing and take out one of the friction stickers. Play it until the sticker dies and put the other one back in. They play beautifully, though you will need to purchase a good amount of friction stickers. Additionally, you could purchase other kinds of friction stickers that last longer. I like 2 chaz pads or 1 kentaro pad in them but buy a variety and try them out for yourself to see which you like. Finally, you could mail your yoyo (or learn to do it yourself!) to a trusted modder and have him recess it for you, which is where he cuts a grove in the yoyo to facilitate silicone or just to make the stickers farther away from the string. This makes the yoyo much less responsive! Also, silicone is very low maintenance and is very cheap.

Here’s a link to a properly modded FHZ.  Perry Prine is known as the Modfather.  He’s a super nice guy and I’ve thrown some of his modded yoyos.  The work is top-notch.  He also has stuff on eBay.


FHzs are AWESOME!!! If you don’t know hot to mod then that’s your problem. This is mine.