My FhZero is really responsive!!!

I have just opened my FhZero about 10 minutes ago and started playing with it, it is extremeley responsive what is the matter with it?

If I’m not right, I think FHZ are supposed to be responsive.

See this is the result of friction stickers and a small gap. Friction stickers do wear down pretty easily though, so you can just keep plaing it.

Nothing is wrong
That yoyo is responsive in its stock unbroken in state.
There are a few things you can do to make it les responsive.

  1. Play with it as is and break in the stickers and bearing.
  2. Take one of the stickers off and only use one. (This is my preferred FHZ setup)
  3. Clean the bearing
  4. Any combination of the above :slight_smile:

The FHZ is a great yoyo. Its just very different from all the newer unresponsive metals that seem to be the flavor of the day now.


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how much more unresponsive is it if you take one of the stickers off, and how easy is it to take off, also is it anything to do with like the spare parts of the bearing that I recieved with the yoyo, the things in the yoyoy are bronze (in colour) and the “spare” ones are silver, is there any difference,

if I do have to take the friction sticker off should I just keep it with my bearings in a sealy bag

(this bit I added after the original post)

Erm, when I try and tighten or untighten the yoyo it seems as if it is fighting to turn the other way, it feels if the yoyo is jerking back the other way, is that an adjustable gap or is it something else?

The small bits that came with the yoyo are spacers. One of the two colors are thicker than the other. The thicker ones will give you a wider gap.

There is no adjustable gap in the FHZ, except for the spacers that is.

Take the sticker off and then stick it to some cardboard or something.

Is won’t mess up my yoyo will it, and also how do I take it off, and will the spacers make any difference

I have a FreeHand2 and its pretty responsive even after I took off one sticker and changed the string to poly but I still like it. I’m finding responsive for learning 5A helps. I do plan on mod’n it but not just yet. Work w/ it, it won’t be as grabby once its broken in.

Everyone has said play with it but every time i throw a trapeze it just back to my hand, would putting thin lube on it help?

would modding the Free Hand Zero stop all this jargon?

Hope it does cos i really don’t like it when it is responsive!!!

:frowning: >:( >:(

I use the brass spacers with one friction sticker and a clean broken in bearing and it’s unresponsive for me. Clean the bearing, take of a friction sticker and clean the residue from the sticker and you should be good to go. If that doesn’t work, then just keep throwing super hard sleepers and let them spin for a while then bring it back up. This will break the bearing in pretty quick.

You can also pickup the Duncan bearing kit and beefcake that puppy, but I don’t know how well that will work. I’ve never tried it myself so that might not be the best advice coming from me. ;D

What do i do to take the sticker, and what did you mean by take it off and clean the residue off, do you mean leave it off or put it back in?

i Know that this post has just been mean posting a lot of questions but im trying to sort it out as quick and as unstressfully as possible, cos i’m pretty T’ed off at the mo.

When you remove the sticker from one side, the part of the yo-yo that the sticker came off of might have some sticky gunk left from the adhesive. Make sure that the yo-yo is clean in the area that the sticker was removed.

Duncan friction stickers are extremely grabby when new. Play with it and you will get the sticker to the “sweet spot”. They are just stickers so if you want to take one off just peel it right off. If you do it carefully you can save the sticker for later use. Cleaning the bearing will do allot to make it unresponsive.
Just a suggestion. Even with 2 new stickers and a lubed stock bearing you should still be able to throw a sleeper or a breakaway to trapeze without to much difficulty. This is what people mean when they say that playing with a responsive yoyo will make you a smoother player. The new unresponsive yoyos let you get away with allot.
My suggestion is pull one sticker and play. After a little wile you will start to feel how to move the yoyo around without it grabbing and this will translate to a much smother style even with an unresponsive yoyo.
Hope this helps


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I think I got it, change the friction stickers or only have 1 friction sticker, to a Dif-e-yo sticker and also wash the bearing in lighter fluid, do you reckon that would work?

If you remove one friction sticker and clean the bearing it should be a great play. That’s cheaper than getting some dif pads (although that would work too).

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There are a ton of setups I like on my Freehands without modding…

1 Friction Sticker and a cleaned bearing or whatever (I don’t clean my bearings but a lot of people like it)

1 Friction Sticker and Two REALLY think spacers


Two Thick YYJ Shims and a KK

2 Chu Pads

Just experiment with those or others and I’m sure you’ll find something you like!

I used two kpads…boy ;D was that an experience…lol