HELP! please!

so i have a duncan FHZ and it is super responsive what ever i do so how could i make it unresponsive without silicon recessing it?

Just try to clean the bearing and put the thicker spacer first.
You can clen the bearing with paint thiner or lighter fluid.
Hope this help.

u should really clean the bearing! here is a videp of how to clean it!  :slight_smile:

Try removing one pad then let the other one wear out and yyeah clean your bearing.

also use shims and spacers. or you could really just learn to silicone it. it is really not as hard as it sounds.

thanks guys i de shielded my bearing and cleaned it in lighter fluid [andre boulay vid says to use it]. BUT the bearing is still responsive so please tell me how to fix this.+ is it ok to use the bearing de sheilded? THANKS :slight_smile:

dude, I’m gonna save your life, tipe in the search box this

why is my freehand zero so responsive!?!?!?!?!?!?!?[/b] (it doesn’t have to have that many !-?, but it has to have a lot>

hope it helps

Ha, ha?

Search bearing cleaning to find some help with that.

Also, why do you need it to be unresponsive? Responsive is great.


Oh and I forgot to say this: please change the title so that it is something relevant to the topic.

How long have you had the FHZ? If it’s new it needs to be broken in. If it’s old and it’s suddenly responsive for no reason you should consider cleaning the bearing. What’s your skill level? Do you think having and unresponsive yo-yo will make it easier for you to learn more tricks? Or have you played with an unresponsive yo-yo in the past and liked what you felt?

A side note: I really think people should consider asking follow up questions before spouting information.