Hey guys just today I got my Duncan Mongu FreeHand Zero from forum member “Charleshasyye” and so I noticed (me being a first time Fhz owner now) that it was super responsive. And my question is, How can I make it unresponsive???
For starters, I got the FHZ new out of the box (I opened the box) and I opened up the yoyo to change the string to match it (almost immediately because I’m a matching freak), as thats where I notice that the bearing/original string were super sticky so I took the stickiness off and then it was responsive. Now, what can I do next???

It is Stock responsive. Take a sticker out and clean the bearing.

Or have it recessed. I can recommend some people for you.

The standard treatment for a FHZ is to clean the bearing and remove 1 friction sticker. Should be unresponsive then. You will get advice to change the response to silicone recess etc - not needed.

-If you have both friction stickers on it… take one off.

-Clean the bearing: take off the shields and put it in some lighter fluid, acetone, mineral spirits, brake cleaner… some kind of solvent that cleans stuff. Take out of solvent. Put on end of pencil/pen blow on it and spint it until it’s dry.

Ok, I took off one of the friction stickers on it. Now how do I clean the bearing? Ex. How do I take off the shields?

this thread explains the shield part

this is a general guide to cleaning…

basically find a solvent i mentioned a few above… soak the bearning… let it dry…  put back in yoyo.

Is there a video on this? I can’t identify the C-Clips

Do you have good vision? ::slight_smile:

Here is a picture:

See the little C?

This one is harder to see, it is a size smaller than a A bearing, which is in your FHZ.

I have probably the best vision ever, so that’s not it. But I got one side off, does it have to be both?

No, removing 1 side is enough.

Ok, now I’m going to let it “bathe” for 10 mins in brake cleaner.

Hey Guys…


It spins longer which is great but it has the same response as earlier…

Did you take out a sticker? Are the stickers messed up at all? Are the spacers dirty or have gunk?

I took off one of the response pads when I first started. Also I cleaned both of the spacers…

It might be that I have to play it a bit more, I only got a good 5-10 throws.

Well, the big question. Did you lube it?

Yeah I did. I used YoyoFactory Thin Lube.

Do you think I should lube it again???

No, more lube will make it responsive. if you put more than a drop in, you will have to play it a while to get it un responsive. When I clean a bearing, i put a super tiny drop on the end of a straight pin and touch that to a couple of the bearing balls.

Did you clean the spacers or the bearing? Big difference. And if you lubed it, you probably put in too much. Less is better as noted above.

I cleaned the bearing with acetone, and I wiped the spacers. I might have also put in a bit too much lube so that might be the cause. I’ve been playing it for while now though.