Freehand Zero

Does anyone know how to make a freehand unresponsive without lube?

I’m trying to figure that out as well :D!

Clean the bearing. Remove one friction sticker or replace them with a single silicone sticker.

If I remove the friction sticker, do I still have to clean the bearing? If so, how do I clean the bearing?

For best results, the amount of oil in the bearing should be matched to the responsiveness of the pads. The amount of oil in the bearing provide the initial responsiveness that starts the yo-yo back up the string when you tug. With a clean bearing and a very grippy response, the yo-yo won’t come up from small tugs, but with a big tug the response will grip and shoot the yo-yo back up to your hand, often with the string wound in a messy way. With a heavily oiled bearing and a less grippy response, the yo-yo will come up from small tugs, but the string will often be wound loosely around the bearing resulting in less energy being transfered into the yo-yo on the next throw.

How to clean bearings.

how to make a fhz unresponsive:

option 1. clean the bearing, remove one friction sticker.
option 2. Clean the bearing, remove both friction stickers, and silicone recess it.
I’m not sure if there’s an option 3. But no matter what, you have to clean the bearing and remove a pad. or just play it until the lube breaks down and becomes unresponsive, an remove a pad.

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