how to make a responsive yoyo slightly less?


I have a YYJ Classic. It was very unresponsive. Meaning, I could tug it as much as I wanted and it would not return. I figured this was because the o rings (the originals that come with the yoyo) were oily and so would not catch the string. So I cleaned them. Now the yoyo is way too responsive. It returns when I try to mount it… (I also put 3 drops of thick lube, but I put this before, and it never made a difference)

My main question is how to make it less responsive?

Also, I tried putting a wide bearing, figured I’d turn it unresponsive. But with the wide bearing it never returns. No matter how I bind it. I cross, I pinch, I pull, nothing. It eventually dies…

Can someone give me a hint on why (especially since it is over responsive with the regular bearings)


First, leave the o-rings alone.
Second, clean the bearing and LIGHTLY lube, if at all. A heavily lubed bearing is a responsive bearing. Most of the responsiveness is due to the bearing lube condition.

With a LIGHT lube the wide bearing will be a bit responsive.

Thanks! How do I clean the bearings?

Useful modification and maintenance guides - Clean, repair, tune, fix yoyos

I think the Classic uses a bearing with plastic shield/retainer. If it does I would suggest using rubbing alcohol as lighter fluid or acetone may melt it.

I have turpentine. Can I use that?

Turpentine/mineral spirits are fine.

There are many videos on youtube about how to clean bearings. Brandon Vu has one that I know of that is really good.