HOW to make a yoyo less responsive.

I have a central trac bearing, one silicone sticker on only one side, & I thin lubed my bearing & its still just as responsive as a Duncan yo yo without a central bearing. What do i do?

I’d soak the bearing in acetone for around 10 min to get the lube out and anything else that may be gumming it up.

Even thin lube can make a Yoyo more responsive. The only lubes I’ve played that don’t are the onedrop v4m and the terrapin DryPlay
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You mis-spelled how. What yoyo is it? Lube makes yoyos more responsive. clean the bearing in mineral spirits let it dry and blow out the rest with compressed air and put thin lube, then blow that off again with mineral spirits.

Just to clear things up here, center tracs do nothing to make a yoyo more unresponsive.
Although they do normally come dry, which is what makes a yoyo unresponsive.
I don’t know what yoyo you have but taking a response pad out is almost never needed to make a yoyo unresponsive. Normally that just reduces the spin time in large amounts.
Also all those cleaners everyone told you to use are volatile substances and if you are a kid, then make sure you handle them with an adult present. In fact probably best to just have them do it for you. Fallow all safety labeled on the bottle.

All, I repeat, ALL lubricants do make the bearing run slower ergo more responsive. Some just less than others. Just run the bearing dry and wait until the silicone breaks in as well.

also, if you clean the bearing, you need to de-shield it first.

Marry the yoyo. That should make it less responsive.

At least, I use that logic. I married the woman who is now my wife. She’s now not really all that responsive. In fact, this plan might not be good at all. Your yoyo might be abusive…

I suggest raising fish.

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epic win

Play the bearing clean and dry. No Lube for the best unresponsive play.

I have found the fastest and easiest way to clean it is to usw Non Residue Electrical Contact cleaner. Heed all lable warnings. And use with care in a well ventilated area.
No need to deshield your bearing with this stuff.

Lately I haven’t even been unscrewing my throws. I just throw it hard. And spray it down while spinning. I did this just this morning in my 888 wth a center trac.

It drys fast, no residue, and won’t harm response pads or silicone. And cleans ano too!

u have to weaR your sili sticker down. thats all

Wrong, the lube he put in has to break in.

That is all.


Soak yo-yo bearing in ligher fluid or whatever you use. Put a silicone sticker (not friction). Then after soaking put a dab of thin lube on the end of a cue tip, dab it on the bearing, break in the sticker, and use polyester string I prefer mexican string link: