Less responsive yoyo

Hey guys, I’m a new yo-yoer and I was just wondering on how I could make my Duncan Metal Drifter less responsive.

I haven’t touched any of the friction stickers or the bearings but I heard that some people put vaseline to lube the bearing and take off one friction sticker : /
I’m a bit apprehensive to do this and I want some reinforcement from you guys before I try this.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

And remember, I’m a bit new to yo-yoing so please be patient with me, especially with the yo-yo terminology. ^^;;

if you put vaseline in, you may as well throw the bearing away. lube is NOT vaseline. lube is a very thin oil in 1a yoyo play. you could take out 1 friction sticker to make it unresponsive. also, clean the bearing, like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHb5a-kTzz8

lube also makes the bearing more responsive.

note: cleaning bearings requires dangerous chemicals, as they are solvents.

Alright, then I won’t lube it or use vaseline. But thanks, that helped a lot.

What will cleaning the bearing do?

cleaning takes out all the oil dirt and grime. if i were you, i would get some yoyojam thin oil.

it prevents bearings from rusting, and it helps to keep dirt and grime out, but it will be responsive for a day or 2. i play dry, but sometimes lube is needed

Cleaning the bearing also gets the excess lube out, causing it too be more unresponsive.

If you don’t want to buy the thin lube, sewing machine oil or trumpet valve oil works too.

Oh and a side note, if you lube your bearing, it will be responsive as Carl stated. But doing Gyro Flops will help speed up the break in process much faster.

Alright, I don’t wanna spend any more money so I’ll just use my clarinet valve oil (same thing as trumpet valve oil)

Thanks guys~!

I didn’t know clarinets used valves, and mind you, I’ve seen a few thousand clarinets.
(I played trumpet, so I got oil already).

Throw in a little bottle of YoYoJam thin lube on your next YYE order.

Clarinet key oil I meant.
Anyways, I found out I have some old bore oil which I think is the same thing as trumpet valve oil. It’s for brass instruments so… >_>;;

Use only one friction sticker.
If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, Lube it with Yoyojam Thin lube

I don’t know if yoiu have any other Duncan parts, but here is what I did with my Metal Drifter:

1: Put in a clean bearing (thin lubed brg)
2: Instead of the silver spacers that come with it, put in the wide brass spacers that come in a FHZ, for a wider gap.
3: Place a bearing shield behind each brass spacer, allowing the gap size to be the full bearing width.

IMO, if you don’t place the bearing shields behind the spacer, then one sili pad works best. With the bearing shields in and the slightly wider gap, two sili pads seem to work better.

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For the Metal Drifter, a clean, dry, bearing and 1 friction sticker is my setup. It is dead unresponsive. Anything else is kind of unnecessary. Lube, no matter what kind, slightly increases the response, however it does make the bearing run quieter.