fh zero yoyo mod help

i need help with my fh zero yoyo i took off one friction sticker i need more unresponsiveness

Clean the Baring, also, interchange the other friction sticker with a silicone sticker.

If you want to go the fun route, sned it to a modder to put a recess in it.

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this belongs on the mod section.

but yeah, play it, and the 1 friction sticker will get less responsive, also duncan bearings are lubed up pretty good.

Clean and Desheild that bearing! A search on this forum should yield results in the form of a tutorial on how to do this!

put on a shim and clean the bearing and it will get mare unresponsive

There are no whims for the ft0. Making them won’t help either. No if you put the widest spacers in it, that will help after the bearing cleaning.

I just got another freehand zero and was playing around with different simple mods found one that works just as good as recessing it I call it the G-MOD first thing is take off all stickers and put one duncan silicone stickers. after this I put a gold spacer on the side that does not have a sticker after this the sticker side I put a o ring that you get from the duncan bearing kit and the silver space from from the set you get in the FHZ package and I put a centertrack bearing in mine but a dif-e yo connive works great if you don’t use a concave bearing or senator track the string slips to the right and get caught but this worked just as good as a silicone recess. message me if you want pics this only coast about 15 more dollars and is easy to do no major work