how can i make my new out of box fhz un responsive?


Clean the bearing and take off one pad.


ok thank you :smiley:


you can also just get a size A center trac bearing … thats what I did and its completely unresponsive.


You can alsohave it modded if you have the money but the new center trac is the best choice IMO.


I didn’t know there was a center track A bearing. I might see if there is a Terrapin X version as I have an unmodded FHZ that could use some tweaking.

1: Take out the friction stickers and replace with 1 or 2 silicone stickers. They aren’t as grippy and last way longer. This helps, but alone isn’t quit enough.

2: Clean your bearing really good. Running it dry or lubed is up to you though. This helps a lot, especially combined with #1

3: Terrapin X makes an A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ using the aluminum spacers. I want to try it with a set of the brass spacers just to compare. Using the silicone stickers(I haven’t done this yet to my FHZ Pulse,which has this beefcake kit), it should be pretty much dead responsive.

The above are all things you can do, for minimal costs and don’t require any real skills. I didn’t mean that to be insulting. Real modifications require some tools and developing some skills and you may not wish to risk your yoyo on learning. I’m not.

4: Contact XminusmikeX, who does mods on FHZ’s. I had mine dual silicone recessed and schmoove rings. He cleaned the bearing and custom painted it. Looks amazing, plays amazing, it IS amazing. It’s also dead unresponsive.


The Terrapin X Wide Gap Freehand YoYo Bearings will open the gap 2mm. wider then it is now with the same spacers.