how do i make an fhz unresponsive

how??? on the p-age in da store it says remove one but dat didn’t work!!!

Is it brand new?

i got it yestday

Just keep playing it. The bearing is possibly not broken in.

no the bearing doesnt need to be broken at all times, take off one pad and use it for a while. the pad is too new and makes it reaponsive, and keep the other pad because pads on the fhz wear out fairly quick

I said possibly. I didn’t know what the solution was so I made it clear that I wasn’t too sure. :slight_smile:

Clean the bearing and play it dry. Try and get your hands on the Duncan Sili Stickers, I find them to be less grabby. You can also mod or have the yoyo modded w/ a sili/pad recess. FHZ’s are one of the best plastics IMO, and are great for all levels of play.

i’ll keep using it. thankies guys

I play my FHZs with just one silicone sticker from duncan… Plays smooth and unresponsive