Any way to make a freehand better?

Any really easy mods? Make it unresponsive? Spin longer? I already put in the “advanced” spacers.

Many ways to improve the FH. I’d talk to yoyospirit here on the forums.

Easy stuff - clean the bearing, remove one sticker. The rest requires surgery.

Are you talking about a freehand? freehand2, freakhand or the freehand zero?

I think its just “freehand”

A beefcake mod (two bearings) is also an easy modification option.

So a freehand one? awesome. I would just not mod it then. The thing is a collectors item.
I assume what you have is a fh2 though. Look into these all play different and different mods help each one out

Look at my thread " who else is staying up all christmas eve" and look at 1 page in- i posted a pic.

That is a freehand 2. does it have a recces for the stickers? the older freehand 2’s have a shallow one that has no wall between the bearing and the pad. The newer ones have a deeper recces’ that leaves the pad flush and has a wall between the bearing and the pad.
The bearing will need to be cleaned or broke in to get it unresponsive, but that was all I needed to do to get mine unresponsive.
You can remove a pad a lot of people like them like that. I don’t.

If it has a recess i can sili it, right? I just dont like how cheap it feels with the paper caps.

Yes and no. If you use flowable then probably not. it will rip out.
If you use gasket maker then yes.
Either way it probably best to just use the silicone duncan stickers.
If you pop the paper caps out you can flip them over and draw on them or put stickers on them to make it look how you want. I almost always flip my caps, on those. sometimes I draw on them sometimes I just leave them white. The last time I had a duncan sticker pack and put a sticker on each cap. really made it look a lot better.

Ok! Do you actually think its a good 5a throw to start with?

I think the best 5A yoyo is the one you like the best. It will take anything you have the skill to throw at it. But it tilts easy, and is not all that wide.

ok… What if i scratch up the response to make it grip the flowable sili better?

you could try it but I would bet it would just rip out. These newer ones are really just made to use duncan pads. the old ones people would cut a sili reccess into them.

I could get through grandma kimmits sandwhich on it. I would say that thats pretty good for a (how much is it? Not more than 20 dollars right?) yoyo.

Like 10$ at toys r us.

The 2010 FH2s (the yoyo you have) are dead unresponsive taking out 1 sticker and with a clean bearing. If you feel like spending money you can buy silicone stickers to use instead of the friction stickers it comes with. Other than that there isn’t really much you can do to it that is worthwhile. Sili recessing them is a waste of time and money since the pad recess is fine. It’s not going to hold sili with the recess it has.

It’s a $15 yoyo based on a 1998 yoyo (Bee GT, which cost $30 at the time), for what it is supposed to be it plays great but don’t expect anything exceptional from it. It’s a very fun yoyo, I think I have about 10 of them for some reason.

Haha i actually have a bumblebee GT. they are like the same thing?

I jist took out i sticker and cleaned the bearing (with the shields on… Do they cone off?) and it is almost unresponsive, but will come up on a hard tug. Can you take the shields off of this bearing?