What mods can I attempt on my old duncan freehand 2?

I don’t like this yoyo and it wasn’t very good for me, I put in two bearings with copper spacers, which I think it was called “bulking” which was suppose to extend the gap, but just centered the string which is good I guess. But I was wondering what other mods can I do with it?

silicone resses and add weight rims paint it reshape it boom goes the dynamite

All you need is Yoyojam Thick Shims and a center trac bearing, and some silicone stickers and you’re fh2 is dead unresponsive. I’ve tried it. It works awesome. It spins 10x longer, and it is awesome for whip tricks and normal 1a tricks.

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Wait, silicone stickers work on friction sticker yoyos?

yes, as long as the recess can take it. and as long as its not too retardedly flush, unless u want responsive play.

I was just going to put in flowable silicone.

Usually on a .555 sized pad yoyo, silicone will not stay. Is this a 2010 FH2? or is it an older one.

With a 2010, I play mine completely stock with no problems.

With an older one, I would recommend doing either a pad or silicone recess.