FH2 sili recess.

I’ve had a white FH2 sitting around for the longest time and I never played it because I hated the Duncan stickers. They constantly seemed to be in some phase of transition so there was barely ever a window of time when you could rely on its consistency. (Plus, it was too responsive, even with spacers, dead sticker on one side, etc.)

I read a lot about the recess mods being done on Duncans so I thought I’d give it a shot. I managed to make the recesses using the hand-drill technique. They weren’t perfect, but they turned out pretty nice. The only silicone I had on hand was the stuff used for fixing aquariums so I used that. After 24 hours of drying, I put it back together (with Duncan spacers) and gave it a shot. I have to say that the recesses really improved the play a lot! It’s not rock-on-a-string dead unresponsive but it is unresponsive enough to take several strings in the gap and keep on spinning and the binds are nice and tight. I’m pretty impressed with how this FH2 plays now and plan on giving it some regular play.

If you’ve got some Duncans sitting around gathering dust or if you want a big performance improvement over the (crappy IMO) Duncan friction stickers set-up, get someone to recess it for you or take a shot at it on your own, you’ll be glad you did.

Two enthusiastic thumbs up on the sili recess mod!!

Just FYI: You don’t need an unresponsive yoyo for multiple string layers or anything, but oh well.

Nice job. Glad you liked it.

I agree. All I’m saying is that it will take more strings without the slowing down and unwanted catching/grabbing I was experiencing while trying to do the same things with friction stickers. In my opinion, the recessed sili is a much better response system than the stickers and I can do more with the FH2 modded than I can stock plus it’s more fun to play.