How to make your duncan fhz unresponsive.

First, you buy silcone sg stickers.Than,you unskrew the fhz.Afterwards, you take off the silicone stickers and replace them with the silicone sg stickers. Wala it is unresponsive. ;D

no first to do that you have to silicone recess it duh

Turtleyo, that was a tad rude, and you dont have to recess it to make it unresponsive.

Recessing is to let it accept flowable silicone. Silicone stickers are silicone with adhesive, therefore not needing a deep recess

Carl, the sg silicone stickers are meant for the large bearing, silicone groove Duncan yoyos. You would have to recess the FHZ to make them fit.


You start by cleaning the bearing. Then top it off by removing 1 sticker.

You could replace the stock sticker with a Duncan sili sticker, but it doesn’t do much to make it less responsive. It’s all in the bearing really.

Please try to know what you are talking about before you go posting this kind of bad advice all over the place.

rude or not, turtleyo is right. the FH0 is good, but not great if stock. taking off the sticker lips or recessing is the true way to get better performance. silicone pads are too grippy when you have two, and it’s too slippy when you have only one. plus they take a long time to break in and wear down pretty fast.

ALSO i have found that most pads are at higher risk of snag because if you notice closely, they have a much larger surface area causing more friction on the string.

i noticed this when i was playing a chaz project vs. the project 2

small, deep silicone responses are the best way to get optimum unresponsiveness

and cleaning the bearing will help alot

thanks ;D