FHZ mod

What is an easy mod that a noob (A.K.A me) can do to make my FHZ dead unresponsive?

Buy a light up fhz and put silicon stickers in it (it will make it unresponsive because it is allready sticker recessed)

Just put sili stickers in a standard FHZ. No need for a lite-up, unless you really feel the need.

Don’t I have to recess it to put the silis in? Cause if I what should I use to do so?

No, they don’t need to be recessed to use the sili stickers. Just use one sili sticker and you should be fine. Just clean the bearing and minimally lube, or play it dry. 95% of a yoyo’s response (or lack of) is in the bearing.

Okay. I have cleaned the bearing and that made a huge difference. What type of sili sticker should I use?

You can chance the spacers by using the Duncan spacer kit. Clean the bearing out really good, which I then use acetone and Terrapin X Dry Play treat, or another alternative is the thinnest spacers you can get at the Terrapin X A+ Beefcake kit for FHZ.

The FHZ Pulse I feel is the best as the recess is for the silicone stickers.

Is the spacer kit the mod spacers thing that come on the pro z? And where can I get a beefcake kit?

From the store pages:

You want the 12 mm size.

Okay, but what company?

No. The mod spacer kit is different. There is a Duncan spacer kit that includes pairs of I think 6 different spacers, 2 rubber rings and an A-sized bearing. But, if you add mod spacers into a FHZ, it can play great. I had a friend do this and with weight rings: wow! heavy, amazing, no other mods. Then put silicone stickers in the mod spacer gaps ad you’re gold. I might buy another FHZ just to do this to. Gotta see what will look nice with the silver mod spacers I have, or just buy a whole set: FHZ and mod spacers to match/contrast. I’m sure I can find a sweet set at YYE.


(Page lists friction and sili stickers)

Duncan spacer kit:

(It’s actually called the Duncan Bearing Kit - Ball Bearings and Parts)

Thanks a bunch. I will try the sili pack but I have to wait for a while because I have been spending a lot of money recently.

Try getting some fabric tape and using it in place of one of the stickers on one side. It’s slipperier than friction stickers as well as thinner.